Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bits and Pieces - Trying to Catch-up

Just a brief note since I am still "up-the-walls" as they say and still trying to get unburied from all the stuff that I have left undone since the beginning of this summer here in Ireland. I have had certainly the busiest Summer ever, and am not physically recovered as of yet, but hope to get away with my family for at least a few days just to do NOTHING and get a bit recharged. Summer here has been a good time with so many people getting saved, and visitors coming out and staying in church here in Ballincollig. Hunger for the word of God is good - I just hope to always be able to feed and serve up a great meal for everyone, but it does take a lot of work studying and preparing practical messages from the Bible that are pleasing to both God and the people here. I am most burdened for an older man here named Ken who has been in the hospital for over two years since having cancer and a stroke and is basically completely paralyzed. He got saved two months ago and needs a lot of fellowship and encouragement, but I just haven't had the time that he deserves. I plan on making him much more of a priority.
We have had a great response from the new tracts I wrote called "Are You Good Enough?" and are handing them out by the hundreds every week! The teens are so full of energy now, after completing our Target the Heart meetings, and we will be going out again this Friday going head-to-head soul-winning of teenagers! Pray for fruit to Christ's glory!
I better go. Keep us in prayer, and keep testifying of a living Saviour! Pastor Craig Ledbetter.