Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Missions Conference 2009

We are halfway through our mission's conference this year, and it, as usual has been incredible. Four sinners have been gloriously saved, and the church is psyched-up about soul-winning! We already have 14 to 16 people coming out every Saturday afternoon for door-to-door soul-winning, and we have not hit the ceiling yet! This whole month in our Church is to get everyone steadfast in our evangelism - to get us all just naturally, all the time, honouring the Lord Jesus Christ, and explaining the Gospel to anyone who will listen! 
In this Mission's Conference, we have been learning not only about evangelism, but specifically, about how to care about Muslims. Our speaker last night powerully explained about the two religious approaches to God: Ishmael's way, and Isaac's way. It was a keeper! Two young ladies were quickly convinced of their need for the only Saviour, Jesus Christ, and we still have two more days to go! The only remaining goal is to increase our faith in giving for missions around the world. I wonder if God can motivate us Christians as powerfully as he has been motivating sinners in this conference! Amen!