Saturday, February 16, 2013

Overcoming Death

No one can overcome death by themselves! The Bible clearly tells us that “the wages of sin is death” period! So death, in all its gore and ruin is the penalty we all must pay for our sinfulness (Romans 6:23). That should be the end of humanity's story - death, both physical death in the grave, and eternal death in hell. But God chose to intervene, and out of love, chose to personally pay the full penalty for us! Think about it! God, who cannot die, became a MAN, so that He could die! Not for Himself, but for sinners who couldn't save themselves! As a Man, God lived a life free from all sin! And then willingly took the sins of the entire world upon Himself (every last one) and then horribly suffered OUR consequences under the righteous wrath of the law of God…, so WE might live eternally according to His righteousness. If only someone would just fully believe that it is a done deal! If only someone would STOP trying to be good enough, and STOP trying to cheat death, and STOP trying to get into the presence of God through some religious "back-door." If only someone would cry out to Jesus Christ right now and ask Him to forgive them and give them the opposite of what they deserve… eternal life! Thank God I did just that - I repented and believed this Gospel 32 years ago! Thank God for the LOVE of God! Thank God for Jesus! Thank God anyone can overcome death by childlike faith in Jesus Christ!