Saturday, December 30, 2006

Spiritual Dryness

It's Saturday afternoon. I am finally getting well into finishing up my messages for preaching tomorrow in church, but this week has been one of those "dry times" that every pastor gets. It's not too often (thankfully), but when my spirit dries up, it is terrifying - really. I hate being spiritually on empty. Since my new birth 26 years ago, I have known the joys of being filled with God's Holy Word, and His Holy Spirit, so when I am on empty, it is a tough experience. I am not talking about a "charismatic" kind of feeling, but rather an awareness of God's presence, and a kind of flowing joy that just comes naturally because of walking with Jesus every day. But then holidays come, and busy-ness takes over, and the tank runs dry trying to do everything, as well as just trying to rest a bit, only to find that the Lord and you are kind of far apart. I hate that. And that was this week. So last night and this morning I began again to beg God to speak to me, and teach me, and walk with me as I seek Him in His word. I was reading in James chapter 1 this morning in my daily time with God, but I knew I needed to head back to Matthew 4, just to have a good long look at my Lord as he started His ministry, and two precious words jumped out at me - the words that started everything off for me - "Follow Me!" I heard those words loud and clear! Quickly the Lord was back in front of my life, and I was back in motion behind Him, following Him. That's what God wanted, and that is what I needed! I'm glad it is so easy. I had to do some confessing, and some spiritual inventorying in the process, but that allowed me to be ready for the Lord of lords to be back in charge of me once again, instead of the world, and all its demands.
If you have ever had times like this, then you know what I am talking about, and you hate those times too. Boy is the flesh sneaky. When you think you just need to rest - well, that is when I have found I need to get even closer to the Lord Jesus - because THAT is where I will find perfect rest!
Just a thought on this Saturday afternoon! God bless you!
Pastor Craig Ledbetter