Saturday, August 16, 2008

Youth Camp and Bible Clubs - Wow, What a Ride!

Well, it is Saturday morning, 16th of August, and it is raining again! The only time the rain basically has let up this Summer has been during our Victory Youth Camp back a few weeks ago! Youth Camp was unbelievably good, and we saw 9 young people get saved! AMEN, and Amen! 
See pictures and more information about the Youth Camp at

I could write for pages about all the things that happened at Youth Camp, but I will have to leave that for another day! This morning I wanted to just jot down some thought about our Bible Club meetings this week.

We set out by faith to hold our Bible Club meetings out in the Ballincollig Regional Park, and it was awesome, although very wet. Even when raining, the children just kept focused on the activities and the Bible Lessons! We learned about how the Christian Life is very much like the Olympics - that there are some great things to live for and strive for! Getting our sins forgiven, all of them, took the most effort, and only Jesus could carry all that weight onto the cross, so that we could just reap the eternal benefits! no church, no amount of masses, no amount of prayers, no amount of money could purchase what Jesus Christ earned for us on the cross! Once a person agree with all their heart that they are a sinner, and deserving of hell because of their sins, they can then, and only then ask the Lord Jesus to take away all their sins (past, present and future), and give them the gift of eternal life! THAT is when a person, no matter how young or old, or how sinful or good, that is when they finally start living, and "running the Christian race!" What we taught the kids at Bible Club was that they obviously needed to get born again, and start following the Lord Jesus, and then, if they are going to want any rewards in heaven, then they had better get started, and might as well go all out! Go for the Gold! Just like the athletes at the Olympics! Don't settle for losing at all! 

We had 44 children come out to the Bible Club this year, and even with all the rain (see the pictures) the event was blessed!
Am I tired? Yes! But I had the best help with my wife Nita, and daughters Sharon and Ruth, and John, and so many others who just helped make the week a success by the help of God!
As usual, there is more to come! The ministry is a life-long effort, and I can't get enough of it!
I truly thank God for the privilege of serving the Lord Jesus Christ!

Until the trumpet sounds...
Pastor Craig Ledbetter