Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wonderful Changes

Four days of revival meetings, and you can start to see some wonderful changes – people realizing just how good church can be; people’s hearts softening to the gentle work of the Holy Spirit of God; a deeper love for the word of God; better awareness to the attacks of the devil, and the obstacles he sets up to keep people from getting saved and getting victories over sin. It’s all quite a lot of work to see happening in our Church.
Last night, Brother Buddy Blunkall preached on the disciples having “no” faith in the storm in Mark chapter 4, and yet still getting safely to the other side of the Sea of Galilee! He showed us that if we would just trust the Lord Jesus enough to obey Him, and just into the boat, He will get us through! The message is worth listening to (I will put it on our website in the Sermon Audio section ( , and the message is worth learning from! I was so blessed at the truths of the Bible that just never are exhausted! No matter how many times you preach something from a portion of Scripture, there is always more to learn and enjoy!
Every evening, after the singing, and preaching, the people just “hang around” and fellowship, and soak up the afterglows of the meeting. Two hours a night is normally pretty long for any kind of a meeting, but I normally have to yell at everybody after TWO and a HALF hours and tell them that we HAVE to leave now! It is so good to watch God’s people LOVE preaching and each other!
Well, a few more days – tonight, Friday, and then Sunday, and the meeting will be through. What will we be like when it is all said and done? I am praying that we will be more like Jesus – that will be good enough for me! Also praying for a few souls to get born again too! Amen!
Until later! Pastor Craig.

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Leona said...

hey Bro. Craig what a small blog world :) just wanted to drop a line saying that everyone in the church is still in my daily prayers and I do still miss you all. It is wonderful to read how God just continues to bless the ministry over there. Love Leona