Friday, June 05, 2009

Furlough, May 10 - May 16

Sunday, 10th May
Got up very early and started working on my message notes. I will have to be ready to speak twice today, and will only have this morning to prepare.
Got to Lancaster Baptist Church and went to the 8.30am Church service. Pastor Chappell preached great on Hope for the Family.
Joshua and Sarah then headed off to Sunday School, while Sharon and Luke took us to the Class that I would be teaching. There were about 28 people in the class, all married. I taught on “Why I Do What I Do… And Love It!” I had liberty and it seemed to be a blessing.
After that, we all went to Sizzlers for lunch and then dropped Sharon and Luke back at the college while we hurriedly left for San Diego with Ruth.
The GPS took us around Los Angeles again, and this time it was even better. No traffic at all!
We arrived about 4.30pm, and went to Walmart to get a few things.
We arrived at Bible Missionary Fellowship at 5.30pm and met the pastor’s son, Ben.
We had a great church meeting, and the people were awesome!

Monday, 11th May

Tuesday, 12th May
I am still waking up way too early! Woke up at 5am. Ugh.
Reading a book with Nita called Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs.
Mainly doing shopping with Ruth and Sharon for the wedding, and for stuff we will need for our trip as we travel further east after all this is over.

Wednesday, 13th May
Got to West Coast at 8.30am and could not find any place to sit for the graduation! Finally found an entire row saved by the Millers! Praise God!
The graduation ceremony was awesome!

Thursday, 14th May
Went with Luke, Joel Rockey, Joshua, and my Joshua to get suits. I bought Joshua a nice suit and shirt and tie for $119.
Then went to the church to decorate. I was useless, so I went back to the hotel to do some reading.
I still have to make some contacts and try and fill some dates with meetings.
Then we went over to the Millers for dinner. I helped Chuck work on Luke’s car. We had Pizza from Costco and then waited for Luke and Sharon to arrive. They went looking for places to take wedding photos.
We went over the order of ceremony ideas that they had.
It was getting late, so we finally left to go back to the Hotel.

Friday, 15th May
Took Sharon for last minute shopping at Macy’s
We had the Wedding Rehearsal, which was nervous, but went well.
Rehearsal Dinner at a great restaurant in downtown Fresno. We ate great Pasta and at least 20 people at the dinner.

Saturday – Wedding Day!
Wedding preparations are happening fast and furious! I am still not sure of what message the Lord wants me to preach. I wish I had more time to work on the ideas I have for a new wedding message – but alas, that will have to be for another day!
Sharon is beautiful, and everything finally is coming together!
I tried to get Live Streaming to work, but it just won’t send out the video feed. I tried everything I could think of and read about on the internet.
Settled on just using Skype. So, John, Bill and Geraldine, Bro Hutton say it live.
I will send the video via DVD when I get a copy of it.
The wedding was supernatural! God is SO good!

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