Friday, March 29, 2013

People Don't Seem to Want to be Free from Sin Today!

I was pondering this all day today. The unfortunate truth today is, the western world is FULL of "professing" christians who have NEVER dealt with SIN in their own life, and so they NEVER want to deal with sin in the world! When they were in troubles, they decided to look to God for "help" out of that trouble, but did not seek a Saviour from their sin! So, NO ONE TODAY SEEMS TO WANT TO BE 'FREE' FROM SIN! They only want to live IN sin! They are happy believing that they are enjoying forgiveness, and also the freedom to still sin. If a believer claims to be free to live in any sin that the Bible clearly declares as wrong, and they are happy to tolerate sin, and even approve of what the Bible plainly calls sin, then they are STILL in the bondage of sin, and lost! Romans 1:30,31 says people are generally "Without understanding, covenantbreakers (especially MARRIAGE covenants - they don't even TRY to stay married), WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTION, implacable (not changeable), unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things ARE WORTHY OF DEATH, not only do the same, but HAVE PLEASURE in them that do them. The saddest part is that those who will read those two Scripture verses, will never BELIEVE them, but will blast ME with such venom and hatred for exposing their REJECTION of the Bible's judgment of sin, and yet go on thinking THEY are the more "compassionate" christian by tolerating it, and even promoting it. In all actuality, they are frauds. They are x-ians, not CHRIST-ians and need to get born again the Bible's way! I follow a holy SAVIOUR who 32 years ago FORGAVE ME of all my sins, and has called me to follow HIM! I pray all readers of this post will take a deep breath and think about WHY they consider themselves Christians, and that if they are following their friends, or their religion, or their own heart... they need to decide to only follow Jesus the Messiah! Because only He can forgive and save you from sin! I intend to keep preaching the coming WRATH of God on this sinful world just like John the BAPTIST did, and that the ONLY PLACE TO FLEE is to JESUS CHRIST, who died to pay for all our sins (heterosexual AND homosexual), and SAVE US FROM our sins! May the Lord have mercy on this LOST generation of fakers who still need to fall on their face before God and repent of their lack of concern for sin in their hearts! If you are reading this and have never realised just how wicked you ARE, and just how deserving of a devil's hell you ARE, they you never have come to Jesus Christ for the right reason - to get forgiven! And you will HATE me! BUT... if you DO understand and agree with the Bible's message that we ALL are sinners, and under the righteous wrath of God, and have fled by faith to Jesus the sinless Messiah, and asked Him to WASH you from your sinful life, and make you a child of GOD... well, you will take up YOUR cross and stand with the unpopular idea that same-sex marriage is filthy, and wicked, and wrong to approve of. AND you will agree and clearly take the stand that whoremongering, and adultery is wicked, and filthy and wrong! Hmmmm.... no wonder the gays are "winning" the arguments. People are afraid to be made fun of. Jesus took it (Hebrews 12:2-4)

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