Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back from Scotland

Tired! That's how I feel. My trip to Scotland was flat-out tiring. I can't explain it, except that I must be fighting the flu or something. I've been fighting it the whole time in Scotland. Oh well. Needless-to-say, I preached 6 times in three churches, and once on the radio in Arboath, just north of Dundee. All the Christians in all three churches were such a blessing to me and my son Joel, who went along with me. I was so glad to have him along. He even got to go skiing (briefly), and I beat him in hockey (grin), and the Lord blessed in everything we set out to do. I went door-to-door in Dundee, and learned a lot. Praise God for faithful men who stay on their field of ministry and stay knocking on doors, and stay witnessing of our risen Saviour, because that is the only way people are going to be reached with the Gospel. Period!
I'm back home now, and already in high gear to get final preparations under way for our Church Revival meetings in full swing. The revival begins this next Sunday, and I kow I need it! Pray the Lord steps down from heaven in a marvellous way, and changes His people, and saves the lost!
I'll keep you posted! Craig


Tulrun said...

I'm glad to hear that God blessed the meetings. This is kind of a neat thing, and you'll at least have one viewer for your thoughts :) Take care and God bless! ~A.D.

goodnightsafehome said...

Welcome to Blogsphere.

You had a sniffle in your nose in Bionnie Scotland, because you're a soft Southerner :-)

We Northerners, know how to stick the pace. Let it blow. Keep her lit.